Online Marketing Techniques: Dos and Donts

To promote online marketing we have to adopt certain marketing techniques like bulk emails, blog commenting, article submission, and other SEO marketing techniques. Over the years customers and search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have started identifying low-quality marketing techniques and have given them big thumbs down. In this blog we will discuss the dos and don’ts of these marketing strategies. 

  •  Blog Commenting: DO: Blog commenting is a great way to attract visitors to your website. Care should be taken to read an article or blog that you understand very well and then post honest comments. The comments should be informative and intelligent. You can add a relevant link at the end of the comment. This blog commenting works out best when it is written manually.

Don’t: Don’t add comments using any software that leaves comments on thousands of blogs quickly and at a stretch. If a spammy comment is published, the links provided do not give the required SEO benefits

  • Article submission: DO: Write unique article pertaining to the website. Make the article as informative and creative as possible. You can include applicable back links to your site in this article.

            A unique article, with back link to your website brings more traffic. Take trouble to post your articles on high-quality website. When you post articles on quality sites, you will also get quality traffic to your website. If the contents are clear and unique your website will not go into Google penalty box.


Don't: Don’t simply copy article, and post there with minor variations. Google has been narrowing down on low-quality articles and penalizing them.

  • Outsourcing SEO and Marketing: DO: Do as much as marketing as you can. Learn what SEO and online marketing are. Take care to select an SEO service provider meticulously. Check their credentials and capabilities and then outsource SEO and marketing services to them. Your city will house many SEO service providers. Choose the right one. 

Don't: Don’t simply outsource marketing and SEO to other firms and turn a deaf ear to what they say and a blind eye to what they do. Keep a strong track record of what they do to boost your business.

            SEO and other online marketing strategies are very important to your business. Take careful measures to promote your business because it is your business, your money and your time. Work for a better business, better ROI and better life.