SharePoint Intranet Services 

DESSS offers portals and intranet solutions that use corporate information resources to leverage administrative efforts and cost-effectiveness in IT spending. Intranets that are well designed can help the organization deliver better business results by increasing the productivity of the employees.

SharePoint Intranet Services Houston
The benefits of Sharepoint intranet are:
  • Streamlining of information becomes easy.
  • This enables the archive of information to make inter and intra department exchange of information smooth and easy.
  • All information can be flashed to all employees within seconds, from small and trivial announcements to big official information.
  • Information such as HR announcements, leave status and leave information can be accessed easily.
  • Depending on your organization's branding, the intranet can be integrated.
  • By integrating all documents all the employees have the organizational information at their fingertips.


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