Industry Services

Your organization may belong to any industry. Regardless of which, your business is likely to face many document management challenges, which might hinder the growth of the company.

You may need to:
  • Reduce your IT Spending.
  • Improve the efficiency of all your business processes.
  • Improve the efficiency of all your business processes.
  • Improve consistency of the process or workflows.
  • Consolidate the IT services.
  • Empower all the employers to access, view and work on all relevant BI tools.

At DESSS we provide your industry with relevant SharePoint Solutions to efficiently manage the documents and streamline them.


We offer the following services for your business:
  • You can automate the process document conversion and store them at a centralized depository.
  • The users are empowered to access and view file anytime, anywhere.
We offer the following SharePoint Services:
  • Office 365.
  • Information and document management services.
  • Collaboration and Infrastructure services.
  • Integration and Migration services.

If you are in need of our services for your industry, please call as (713)589-6496