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Sharepoint enables many functionalities like content management, business collaboration, and analytics that make enterprise cater to their business needs. An enterprise can take better and quicker business decisions if it is able to integrate multiple workloads while creating any business application. DESSS has a dedicated Sharepoint unit, that can install and configure Sharepoint to optimize your business capabilities. Using simple technology, an enterprise is enabled to take better decisions and improve better business production.

SharePoint Installation and Configuration Services
Let us now discuss the four important stages of Sharepoint Configuration:
  • A clear understanding of the structural elements of Sharepoint 2013. The installation requires a server farm of top-level, design an IIS website, a content database, a set of websites or a single website.
  • A thorough understanding of the physical architecture that enables easy installation. The physical architecture of servers is determined by size and topology.
  • A clear idea of the network infrastructure like the Application server and front end web server.
  • Then come the installation and configuration. Now prepare the database application server and Frontend webserver to host the product.
  • Find out the hardware and software requirements that will enable easy installation. At this juncture, see to it that the operating systems, the networking systems, and the security system are properly enabled.
  • Configure the domain and directory synchronization
  • Install and configure each server to the farm.
  • Now configure services and global settings.
  • The last stage will be deployed. Follow the stages of careful planning, development, proof of concept and production during deployment.


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