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Information is power and sharing valuable information of the company with customers, suppliers and stake holders can prove to be very crucial for the growth of the company. Sharing information through extranet adds value to your business endeavors. It also improves customer service and foster 360 degree communication between the employer and employee and other external partners. Using Extranet any type of content can be shared whether it is branded, personalized, and collaborative documents.

Let us now discuss the various benefits of Extranet:
Let us now discuss the various benefits of Extranet:
  • Benefit to remote employees:- Remote employees are those who belong to the sales department and travel a lot, employees who work from home and customer sites. These employees benefit a lot as they can access any corporation information from anywhere, anytime without VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Benefit to other external partners:- Extranet enables external partners to take part in business processes and work in collaboration with other employees.
  • Enhances security:- Using extranet we can provide better security by allowing external partners to access new information that are necessary for them. We can prevent access to other partner's data.
  • Optimization of processes:- The employees and partner employees can be empowered to view, change or delete content which may prove to be beneficial to the company.
The licensing requirements for SharePoint foundation:
  • SharePoint Foundation needs no additional licenses. The users need just a valid Window server license.
  • Any company that uses SharePoint Foundation must hold a proper license for Microsoft Windows server.
  • If external users have license, then this can be used easily.


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