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Web parts or web widgets helps the user to modify the content and appearance of the web pages directly from a browser. These web parts enhance the functionalities of SharePoint 2010 and 2013. They also play a major role in enhancing business productivity. With the help of the web parts, we are able to create dynamic and customized web pages to suit your business needs.

SharePoint Web Part Consulting Services
The different types of web parts are:
  • SharePoint Web Parts depend on Microsoft and can be used only in SharePoint websites.
  • SharePoint Web Part Infrastructure built on the base of SP Web part manager, got from ASP.NET Web part manager.
  • Custom Web Part customizes and personalizes user interface features. A user can add, configure or delete a web part if he has the required permission.
  • Connectable Web Part uses a set of interfaces to exchange information with each other.


Let us now see some of the Web parts and functionality.
  • SharePoint Password Change and Expiration 3.0:- This web part helps to change passwords without the help of the administrator.
  • SharePoint AD Administration:- This enables specific users to create, manage and reset users and groups.
  • SharePoint Outlook Integration:- Helps in the integration of emails and attachments with SharePoint lists and libraries.
  • SharePoint Calendar Rollup:- This web part can be added to the website to give information about meetings, deadlines, last dates and other important official events.
  • SharePoint Team Discussion:- This web part is used to display discussion among team members.
  • SharePoint Document Viewer:- This helps the user to view Microsoft document, PDF and images of the SharePoint Library directly.
  • SharePoint Tasks:- This web part helps the user to make a 'To do list'.
  • SharePoint Links:- This web parts provides links which the user will find useful and effective.
  • SharePoint Rich Text Boost:- This web part helps to add interesting flash movies, interactive images and informative contents directly to the SharePoint list.
  • SharePoint Site User:- This web part shows the list of all users.

We offer many other web parts that increase the functionality of your website. If you need further information please call us(713)589-6496