SharePoint Work Flow Consulting Services

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 enables Workflow features that empower designers, administrators and managers to improve the business processes, automate them and save money and time. Workflows of Microsoft 2010 reduces unnecessary interactions between people, automates the interactions, increases the speed of decision making, enables the leaders to take quality decisions and gives an overall effectiveness in the process of decision making.

    Microsoft SharePoint 2010 offers the following.

    • Collect Feedback: An empowered person can initiate this workflow and it can be routed to others for feedback. Other reviewers can give their feedback and send it back. This data is automatically saved in the document libraries.
    • Approval: This workflow sends the document for approval to concerned persons. This is made available in the document library. This workflow, by default gets connected to pages library on the website.
    • Collect Signatures: This workflow is used to get digital signatures from a relevant group of people for a relevant client program. This is connected to Document content type and so automatically saved in document library.
    • Three State: This workflow tracks the status of a problem in three different phases. The workflow initially creates a task for the user. When this task is completed it changes from initial task to Resolved. When this task is done, then it changes from resolved state to closed. Thus this workflow attacks an issue in three phases.

The important features of Workflows are:

  • Workflow can easily be created with no coding requirements. Browser based workflows can easily be dragged and dropped.
  • There is around 50 widgets that are available that can manage any number of processes.
  • The available workflow across an entire farm can be administered through a centralized administration.
  • The workflows that are used can be reused and new workflows can be created over the existing ones.
  • Users can view their own workflows through custom web parts.

The benefits of Workflow:

  • Increases the efficiency of process.
  • Improves the visibility of the process.
  • Decreases complexity of the process.
  • Enhances accountability.
  • Speeds up decision taking.
  • Enables choice of workflow depending on the business needs.

The workflows help the users to handle their tasks and they need not worry about the process management. It works like a flow chart to carry out any process without any errors. If you are in need of Workflow services, please contact us (713)589-6496