What Our Customers Say

  • This letter serves as my testimonial to the work performed by Desss, Inc. We discovered the services of Desss in October of 2006 as we were in desperate search of a good web design team to design our websites. Our original website was quite basic and very much in need of a change. What started out as a simple news related website in 2000 with one program had six years later mushroomed into a website that incorporated at least six different software packages that more often than not were not completed integrated. In December of 2006, after careful consideration, we decided to move forward with a complex redesign of our website, building upon the first prototypes and mockups that were created and proposed by Desss. Desss proposed a 3 month period to finish the work which including special programming of our website to allow access to paying and non-paying subscribers, the incorporation of a news article program which could support PDF downloads, the incorporation of a ecommerce portion of the website, and in short a complete redesign of website. I must admit that Desss did a very good job redesigning the website, considering the tight time frame and complexity of the redesign. Desss was able to successfully incorporate a number of third-party software programs into an all-in-one special software package that incorporated everything under one roof. I was completely impressed by the finished products. As such, I would strongly recommend you engage the services of Desss for their professional approach, effectiveness, and creativity, just to mentions a few strong points. If there are other issues that were not covered in this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Pietro Donatello Pitts

    Pietro Pitts


    Editores Latin Petroleum, C.A.