What Our Customers Say

  • This letter is to express my satisfaction for the work that DESSS carried out in creating international attention to BP&prime’s projects. DESSS worked patiently with us over several months to develop a web portal that would allow the visitor an easy way to familiarize himself with BP&rsquo’s diverse portfolio of projects as well as its major publications. We believe that the aesthetics of the portal plus the ease of navigation will make it attractive and useful for the visitor who seeks an orientation on the deep water projects of one of the world&rsquo’s major oil companies. Because of my special responsibilities in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America, I am pleased to have this portal website that gives special attention to the energy sector. In the future, we hope to proceed with the other ideas that DESSS has suggested, such as website optimization and the launching of the Data Gallery module that DESSS has developed. I wish you every success with your other clients and projects. Sincerely, Dr. Chris Sladen, M.B.E  

    Dr. Chris Sladen,M.B.E


    BP Exploration Mexico Ltd.